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Telecom Expense Management DownloadsDownloads packed with TEM knowledge 

Convergence's Telecom Expense Management Download Center is an rich and constantly updated online resource of valuable TEM multimedia information and resources that will keep you up to date with the latest developments in the vivid TEM market.  
From whitepapers to webinars, each of these information assets will augment your knowledge about TEM Technologies and Best Practices. Whether you are a Financial, Procurement, HR, Telecom or IT professional, consulting these resources will allow you to make the right choices for the TEM Program you plan or operate in your organization and help reduce more expenses and be more efficient in your TEM initiatives.

Analyst Reports
Telecom Expense Management has grown to a +1B$ market, but is still not mainstream. Through research and surveys, analyst sense the heartbeat of the market and report on vendor offerings and trends as well as on best practices organizations use to improve management of their telecom environment. Read more…

Topics Library
TEM encompasses subject areas such as inventory management, invoice management, contract management, assurance testing, dispute management, ordering and provisioning, strategic sourcing, mobile device management, business intelligence and more. The topics library pages link you to selected collection content available online arranged by broad categories. This Topics Library's online content represents only a small percentage of our physical holdings of TEM related publications. Read more… 

Past Webinars remain available as On-Demand Webinars. Convergence's library of on-demand webinars provides you with the opportunity to learn from industry experts even when you missed the live event. Webinars are recorded live and feature expert analysis of important Telecom Expense Management subjects and presentations from the findings of analyst research, as well as in-depth covering of challenges and solutions organizations encounter in their TEM programs. Read more… 

TEM whitepapers are authoritative reports or guides addressing TEM issues and how to solve them. The TEM whitepapers available here will educate you and help to make informed decisions. They highlight information that we subscribe to, provide you with thought leadership and make the business case for specific TEM challenges. Read more… 

The TEM Learning Center provides resources such as news sources, articles, papers, associations, and a glossary for fixed voice, mobile voice and data, data communications and TEM terms. 

If you rather need answers to specific challenges you encounter in your TEM program or consulting from experienced TEM practitioners, taking into consideration the specifics of your organization’s telecom environment, contact us.

Fast Changes in Telecom challenge your knowledge

Changes in corporate telecom happen fast. Organizations now have traditional Fixed Voice communications, VoIP, Mobile Voice and fast growing Mobile Data Services, Conferencing, expanding Fixed and Wireless Data Communications and Internet networks, Internet Video and Audio streaming, Unified Communications and the list goes on. As more telecom services need to be managed, costs need to be contained and workload related to the procure-to-pay process reduced. Consequently, Telecom Expense management becomes more important to organizations and the functional domains covered by TEM are expanding.
Industry information and experience for TEM project and program managers helps you to make the right strategic and tactical decisions for your TEM initiatives.
Convergence provides you with live and on demand webinars, whitepapers, references to analyst research and industry information to help you keep abreast of the latest developments in the TEM industry.
Every organization has however a specific environment and level of maturity regarding telecom management. A strategic consultation by Convergence TEM Business Consultants can bring you guidance and orientation. Our TTSLM – Total Telecom Service Lifecycle Management method will help you to initiate and develop your organization’s TEM initiative from the right starting point with the highest impact. We help you face the challenges brought by a fast changing Telecom landscape and the telecom lifecycle management opportunities brought by TEM solutions and services.

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  • Download from the Convergence white paper library to improve your knowledge on best practices in Telecom Expense Management.

    Read the "What is TEM?" Rivermine primer.

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Wiki Reference

Wikipedia reference to TEM: Telecom expense management (TEM) is a business approach to managing telecommunication service expenses (voice, data, and wireless) with a combination of software tools and manual auditing. Typical software leverages a telecom carrier's electronic invoice feeds to gain detailed information. Human agents use a combination of software and personal information about the telecommunications industry to compare the available pricing and service options.