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  • Telecom Management Platform

    Telecom Management Platform

    TMP brings the best-of-breed 3rd party and Convergence's proprietary web based operational and analytical technologies together to tackle the toughest TEM challenges. Read more...


    TEMPOR Portal

    An enterprise web platform for TEM solutions that delivers immediate results and long-term value. Read more...

  • TEMPOR Enterprise

    TEMPOR Enterprise Portal

    The best way to take advantage of Convergence’s market-leading TEM Technology and Solutions for Global TEM focused collaboration. Read more...

tempor_portal_250The All-in-One Portal to TEM Analytic Solutions and more

The TEMPOR portal focuses on the needs for MidMarket and Corporate size organizations

The core TEM applications provided through TEMPOR include BillIntelligence and TEMExpert, which together are the core components of the Convergence TAP – Telecom Analytics Platform.

onvergence TAP – Telecom Analytics Platform provides a technology foundation that allows MidMarket and Corporate size organizations to minimize their voice, data, and wireless telecommunications expenses while optimizing the management of their telecommunications resources. Specifically, TAP delivers the ability to audit, analyze and optimize the communication environment across the entire organization providing users access to invoices, analytics, reports, alerts, dashboards and advanced Business Intelligence.

With all their daily tasks and responsibilities, TEM practitioners don't want to go through the pains of learning and adapting to another new solution, isolated from their other productivity software.

With the endless library of technologies that can live within an enterprise, it's hard to justify adding yet another product to the mix. That's why TEMPOR is committed to fitting seamlessly into any existing IT environment with a commitment to compatibility and reusability.

The TEMPOR Portal not only simplifies your Telecom Expense Management work experience - it caters to your preferences and needs. Based on a ten-year history of technology innovation, the TEMPOR Portal offers an award-winning UI, multiple layers of personalization and desktop conventions that make for unbeatable ease of use and quick adoption.

The TEMPOR Portal looks and works exactly as you want and need it to with just a few clicks.

TEMPOR organizes your TEM environment.

TEMPOR Content Management

The TEMPOR content management functions allow you to easily centralize all TEM related source data and TEM deliverables. Contracts, inventory, invoices, mashup access to your provider’s telecom management and procurement sites are easily accessible through one portal entry. TEM deliverables such as Reports, Analytics and Dashboards are easily accessible from TEMPOR.

TEMPOR Application Access

Easily access the Core TEM Applications of TEMPOR, including BillIntelligence and TEMExpert and optionally TEM Auditor, TEM Simulator, TEM Validator and TEM Integrator for advanced TEM users.

Make your selection of over 60 additional productivity enhancing out-of-the-box solutions that bring TEM related web publishing, content management, collaboration and social networking in an integrated TEM user experience.

Link to the TEMPOR Portal from your desktop. Just drag your files into familiar "WebDAV" desktop folders and they are automatically uploaded to your portal.

Single Sign On Security

With TEMPOR, there is no need to maintain a password library for each application you use to manage your TEM environment. Aggregate and access your TEM content and applications in one place. TEMPOR can pull all of your different systems together and make them available by logging in just once via the secure SSO.

o ensure that the right people control the right information, portal administrators can assign individual users or groups of users different "roles" that grant varying levels of access and editing rights to specific communities, files, applications and tools. For example, a "Global Mobility Director" can view and edit all Mobile Telecom related documents but a "Mobile Management Assistant" can only view them.

TEM is getting social

TEMPOR users can be intuitively grouped into a hierarchy of "organizations" or cross-organizational "communities," providing flexibility and ease of administration.

For example, members of different geographies such as US, Asia and EMEA can be grouped into organizations, whereas disciplines such as ICT, Procurement, and finance that cross geographies can be created as communities. Each such group can also be given a separate mini portal with its own set of pages, content management system, shared calendar, and authorizations. A user can belong to multiple groups and easily navigate between them.

You can work and interact with people supporting your TEM initiative and environment such as your telecom provider’s delegates and technical contacts, Convergence telecom consultants and operations engineers, suppliers and customers.

Multi-language Support

International or multi-lingual organizations get support for 20+ languages and counting. Users can toggle between different language settings with just one click.

The TEMPOR Portal is provided in an outsourced service model and brings the highest level of automation to your Total Telecom Expense Management processes. Electronic messaging and information distribution of Dashboards, Reports, Analytics, Data and Web Service Integration, together with the collaboration functions bring an unseen level of efficiency to the telecom management activities, enabling real Active Telecom Management.

Contact us to learn more about TEMPOR – Telecom Expense Management Portal for MidMarket and Corporate size organizations.

Technology enables TEM

There is no Telecom Expense Management initiative that can do without TEM Technology. Telecom products and services represent a mission-critical support function that will continue to grow more complex in terms of technology, functionality and pricing and require automated management. Telecom Expense Management technology delivers the information you need to manage your telecom spend and avoid unnecessary expenditures with integrated analysis of your inventory, equipment, contracts, vendors and billing. And as TEM has evolved far beyond just checking phone bills, technology becomes ever more important to support people and processes executing TEM business functions. Today, TEM Technology implies an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-type integrated software application that delivers Total Telecom Service Lifecycle Management (TTSLM) for communications resources, a proactive method of managing the internal service delivery and service support processes of your organisation.
That’s why Convergence’s ERP level TEM solution is based on the technology of the world’s most famous provider of TEM technology, Rivermine Software, the result of tens of millions of dollars in development investment. Convergence’s proprietary software enhances and complements Rivermine to address the specific needs of the EMEA market and a geographically dispersed user community. The Convergence TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise portal enable collaboration across geographies, customer teams, telecom suppliers and the Convergence Managed and Professional Services specialists. BillIntelligence normalises, translates and enriches incomplete billing data and TEMExpert Business Intelligence provides dynamic web analytics down to the call detail record level. This technology today brings TEM within reach of any size organization, with any telecom provider, in any language, anywhere.

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  • TEMPOR Enterprise
    Accessible through the TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise TEM Portals, Convergence's BillIntelligence and TEMExpert software, integrated with Rivermine's leading TEM software result in true Global TEM capabilities.

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