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Rivermine Service Order ManagerRivermine’s Telecom Provisioning solution

Rivermine Service Order Manager handles planning and execution of all telecommunications orders - enabling inventory-powered service procurement, design, and installation.

Rivermine Service Order Manager provides a powerful solution to control the entire fixed and mobile process of procuring and installing services from multiple vendors - from requests for service and approval cycles to network design…from service order placement to order tracking…from installation to contract compliance and SLA enforcement. This inventory-powered Service Order Manager application includes all types of mobile, voice, data, and personal services, and it easily adapts to new or unique services.

Rivermine Service Order Manager enables network-centric enterprises to truly control their telecommunications procurement process. The result? Greater operating efficiencies…lower network costs…more accurate inventory data…centralized catalog management... and fewer orders placed off-contract.

With Rivermine Service Order Manager, companies gain greater visibility and control over the entire process of managing service order, including procurement, design, and installation.

Furthermore, the Rivermine Service Order Manager brings advanced automation to the telecom procurement process.  With advanced TEM specific workflows, organizations achieve a greater degree of automation; hence improving user efficiencies.  The workflow engine is natively unified in the Rivermine software and its process workflows were designed specifically to meet TEM user needs.  This approach allows Rivermine to reduce “IT” complexities associated to traditional workflow engines while also allowing organizations to achieve much greater automation levels.

With this comprehensive application, you can:

  • Create and track telecom orders from initial request through approval and telecom provisioning
  • Validate all orders against policies and standards and automatically enforce procurement rules and approval processes
  • Coordinate equipment configuration, installation, and even address management
  • Build and update an accurate telecom inventory as services and equipment are ordered, installed, and removed
  • Improve contract management and SLA enforcement
  • Automate most repetitive service order provisioning tasks

The Rivermine Service Order Manager application comprises four key components:

Because the Rivermine Service Order Manager application is grounded in the Rivermine Telecom Library and its unique relationship mapping structure, it makes it possible for users to create different types of orders for different vendors. In addition, service design and installation also become easier, as you have the information to build the appropriate circuit orders in such that they can be engineered and prepared in the right way.

Service Procurement

Rivermine Service Order Manager streamlines the pricing and procurement process for all your telecom orders. It enables you to create and manage orders for all standard telecom activities, including new orders, changes, moves, and disconnects. Service Order Manager also enables you to confirm all orders against your negotiated contracts—as well as against corporate policies and procedures. As a result, the system helps you ensure appropriate pricing, enforce procurement rules and approval processes, and validate invoices. Plus it allows you to gain all the power you need to:

  • Create electronic service orders that can be communicated directly to telecom service providers
  • Receive order requests from the field and automatically initiate the ordering process:

    • When coupled with the wireless store end-user portal, SOM becomes a complete close loop approach to receiving, tracking, monitoring, reporting, and processing end-users initiated requests for mobile devices, plans, and accessories
  • Ensure rates are consistent with corporate contracts and not out of line with similar equipment in the inventory
  • Automatically qualify service availability and prohibit purchases not available or on contract
  • Seamlessly handle approval routing for both business and engineering approval and coordination
  • Capture all the detailed data that is required to place an order and provide a complete inventory entry with granular engineering and logistical details
  • Order on contract

Service Design

Service Order design supports the engineering design process for telecommunications networks. The software automatically gathers data required to create new service orders and routes the order for engineering design and approval. The software can dynamically create router configurations and use specialized algorithms to assign and manage network addresses, including IP addresses and VPIs and VCIs.  Service Order design capabilities allow you to:

  • Create orders with the existing network in mind—specifically mapping circuit services, such as PRI features, or mapping PVCs to ports on a frame relay or ATM network
  • Manage network addressing
  • Attach network design configuration documents or Visio diagrams to orders or circuits
  • Initiate order process when potential network optimizations are identified by Inventory Engine

Service and Equipment Installation

With Service Order Manager, you can streamline the fixed and mobile provisioning process and reduce the costs and time associated with installations, changes, and network cutovers. After ordering and approval processes are complete, the application enables you to submit orders directly to service providers in a wide range of formats, including electronic. In addition, you can use built-in tools to coordinate equipment configuration and installation, as well as track order status, including:

  • Electronic integration with service providers. The system converts the order request into an electronic order that can be received and processed by service providers, thereby eliminating manual data entry and reducing time-to-service
  • Automatic status tracking. You can track all telecom provisioning status updates to keep every stakeholder informed of status, especially when installs are in jeopardy
  • Open, submit, track, and manage trouble tickets and coordinate with internal trouble systems. Associate trouble tickets with a particular order and retain historical trouble information for better negotiations with service providers

Service Order Reporting

To help you maintain complete control over the ordering and approval process - as well as to provide information to negotiate with service providers and ensure appropriate invoice payment - Rivermine Service Order Manager offers numerous standard reports, including:

  • Average Install time By Service Type by Service Provider
  • Number of Open Orders
  • Order Status of All Open Orders
  • Service Level Agreement Compliance

Rivermine Provisioning Manager Dashboard

Figure 1: Rivermine Provisioning Manager Dashboard

Technology enables TEM

There is no Telecom Expense Management initiative that can do without TEM Technology. Telecom products and services represent a mission-critical support function that will continue to grow more complex in terms of technology, functionality and pricing and require automated management. Telecom Expense Management technology delivers the information you need to manage your telecom spend and avoid unnecessary expenditures with integrated analysis of your inventory, equipment, contracts, vendors and billing. And as TEM has evolved far beyond just checking phone bills, technology becomes ever more important to support people and processes executing TEM business functions. Today, TEM Technology implies an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-type integrated software application that delivers Total Telecom Service Lifecycle Management (TTSLM) for communications resources, a proactive method of managing the internal service delivery and service support processes of your organisation.
That’s why Convergence’s ERP level TEM solution is based on the technology of the world’s most famous provider of TEM technology, Rivermine Software, the result of tens of millions of dollars in development investment. Convergence’s proprietary software enhances and complements Rivermine to address the specific needs of the EMEA market and a geographically dispersed user community. The Convergence TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise portal enable collaboration across geographies, customer teams, telecom suppliers and the Convergence Managed and Professional Services specialists. BillIntelligence normalises, translates and enriches incomplete billing data and TEMExpert Business Intelligence provides dynamic web analytics down to the call detail record level. This technology today brings TEM within reach of any size organization, with any telecom provider, in any language, anywhere.

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