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  • TEMOptimizer


    Front-end solution allowing optimizing expenses and services on a monthly or quarterly basis within applicable tariff plans, inventory and user profiles. Read more...

  • TEMExpert

    TEMExpert Business Intelligence

    Lets you track previous spend and usage, capture data from reports and analytics and perform accurate analysis of the health of your organization’s telecom environment. Read more...

  • TEMSimulator


    Helps selecting optimum pricing plans for different operators, tariff plans, service offerings, changing profiles, and other variables that determine the final telecom charges. Read more...

  • TEMAuditor Workbench

    TEMAuditor Workbench

    Leverages our TEMExpert BI software and works as a front end app against the detailed invoice data available in the TEMExpert Data Warehouse. Read more...

  • TEMValidator

    TEMValidator Software

    Checks invoices for accuracy, and create a list of charges and exception information. Exceptions are resolved and noted for future use and accounted for recovery. Read more...

  • BillIntelligence


    Addresses the need for central processing, mapping and normalization of invoices coming from many countries, operators, a variety of formats and languages. Read more...

  • TEMIntegrator


    TEMIntegrator addresses the need for rapid integration of invoice data coming from many countries and operators, in as many languages and a variety of formats and produces Intelligent Bills™. Read more...

TEMExpertBusiness Intelligence and Analytic Intelligence

Business Intelligence has been a core competency of Convergence since day one. Convergence team members have over 30 combined man years of Business Intelligence experience.

While historical audits to identify overcharges are worthwhile exercises and successful in the short-term, the issue of improving the overall management of telecom expenses is not solved with one time audits, and overcharges and billing errors will occur year after year.

With TEMExpert Business Intelligence you can track previous spend and usage, capture data from reports and analytics and perform accurate analysis of the health of your organization’s telecom environment. Predictive analytics allow your organization to anticipate, to execute trend analysis, and avoid unnecessary expenses. Dashboards with drill-down capabilities provide accurate executive information and deep analysis capabilities, while gauges and graphs support comprehensive, visual analysis.

Locate lines that need disconnecting through exception reporting, identify where electronic data can be used instead of paper, and become more proactive towards the telecom environment in using Convergence TEMExpert Business Intelligence, either as a standalone TEM solution or an Analytic Intelligence solution complementing the TEM operational platform.

usiness Intelligence allows you to be smarter and more aggressive towards proactively managing telecom expenses.

TEMExpert analyses your company’s traffic and costs. The solution derives data from the Rivermine TEM applications, from electronic invoices provided by your fixed, mobile and data communications operators, from PABX’s and other data sources such as budgeting, HR and ERP systems. Insight includes statistics on all telecom expenses and allows you to manage subscriptions, select the most cost effective operator and pricing plan and optimize your employees call behaviour.

TEMExpert provides in the advanced analytics capabilities addressing the TAP – Telecom Analytic Platform Reporting and Analysis requirements. This Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution allows detailed analysis across all available dimensions.

Dynamic reporting is achieved using Jaspersoft or other BI front-ends such as Microstrategy, SAP Business Objects, Cognos, or even Excel as the Business Intelligence front end.

Examples of capabilities include:

  • Call behaviour per user up to the lowest detail level i.e. minutes called and call.
  • Cost allocation per user up to the lowest detail level i.e. minutes called and call.
  • Call behaviour per type of subscription.
  • Rolling and moving insight in cost- and price-evolution per user and per measure of time.
  • Actual cost versus budgeted cost comparison and analysis.
  • Support for Gregorian as well as for the invoicing calendar.
  • Overviews of top X / bottom X call costs and call duration.
  • Call behaviour per user during business hours and after business hours.
  • Support for ‘business rules’; exceptions on ‘business rules’ are automatically alerted.

All reports and analysis offer far-reaching possibilities for drill-down and drill-through. The end user has the capability to drill down from any higher, aggregated level towards lower, more detailed levels.

Allows you to compare actual expenses with budgets, policies, benchmarks, contracts and history

Provides the actionable information required for planning telecom OPEX and CAPEX budgets

TEMExpert business intelligence delivers high performance, sophisticated analytics, low cost of ownership, rapid report creation, and superior end user self-service. Our enterprise-grade technology is based on Relational OLAP (ROLAP) architecture and offers the first highly scalable and fully-interactive Telecom Expense Management BI environment.

TEMExpert supports all styles of Business Intelligence functionality to every user across the enterprise:

Scorecards and dashboards

  • Pixel-perfect report formats with the broadest visual appeal that convey information "at-a-glance" for managers and executives.

Enterprise Reporting

  • Print-perfect report formats that deliver more detailed operational information than a scorecard or dashboard in a concise format that can be consumed by all business users.

OLAP Analysis

  • Slice-and-dice analysis with drilling, pivoting, page-by and sorting capabilities for the manager or business user who needs to perform analyses beyond standard operational reports.

Advanced & Predictive Analysis

  • Full investigative query against the data warehouse down to the transaction level, allowing power users and professional analysts to perform extensive predictive and statistical analyses.

Alerts & Proactive Notification

  • Information delivery to large telecom user populations both internal and external to the organization, based on schedules, business exceptions or demand. 

TEMExpert Features 

  • Out-of-the-box multi-tenancy – share a server across multiple organizations
  • The TEMExpert Business Intelligence platform is ready-to-run for either a single enterprise, or hundreds of business units, or other types of organizations running on the same shared server instance.

TEMExpert full range of multi-tenancy features, include: 

  • Multi-tenant authentication / single sign-on.
  • Multi-tenant metadata and content repository architecture – completely insulates tenants from each other while allowing sharing of resources across tenants when desired.
  • Multi-tenant administration plus row- and column-level data security for delivering fine-grained data access management.
  •  Right-sizeable business intelligence capabilities – designed to scale.

TEMExpert Business Intelligence technology is designed to support hundreds of concurrent and thousands of named users on a single server with high-performance:

  • Lightweight and high-performance 100% pure Java architecture fully leverages modern multi-core and 64-bit hardware.
  • Able to leverage J2EE application server high-scalability clustering capabilities.
  • Optimized in-memory data caching with options to push-down processing to underlying relational DBMS.
  • Scalable relational OLAP data analysis leverages aggregate tables and the power of the RDBMS.
  • Built-in report virtualization allows reports of any size, limited only by available storage hardware.
  • Architecture designed for integrating and embedding.
  • Single sign-on authentication and authorization for easy integration with portal and home-grown access control functionality.
  • Seamless user experience – locked down or wide open. 

TEMExpert is highly usable, Web 2.0 user interface capabilities including:

  • Interactive, continually updated views of information.
  • Real-time and near-real-time data access.
  • Drag-and-drop changes to reports, tables, menus, charts, queries and more - as much or as little as you want users to use.
  • Point-and-click menus and interactivity.
  • Extensible drag-and-drop customizations to reports and screens.
  • Easy to integrate & customize.
  • Out-of-the-box TEMPOR Portal integration.
  • Leverages widely available Java and XML skills.
  • Leverages existing business data stores including JDBC, XML, HQL, EJBQL, MDX, and custom sources.
  • Straightforward, extensible Java APIs plus easy-to-use re-skinning and process flow capabilities simplify integration and customization, easily adapting to unique requirements.
  • Easy-access, customizable Web Services APIs.
  • Seamless C, C++ and PHP integration.
  • Complete, GUI-driven data integration and ETL capabilities.

Contact us for more information about Convergence TEMExpert Business Intelligence.

Technology enables TEM

There is no Telecom Expense Management initiative that can do without TEM Technology. Telecom products and services represent a mission-critical support function that will continue to grow more complex in terms of technology, functionality and pricing and require automated management. Telecom Expense Management technology delivers the information you need to manage your telecom spend and avoid unnecessary expenditures with integrated analysis of your inventory, equipment, contracts, vendors and billing. And as TEM has evolved far beyond just checking phone bills, technology becomes ever more important to support people and processes executing TEM business functions. Today, TEM Technology implies an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-type integrated software application that delivers Total Telecom Service Lifecycle Management (TTSLM) for communications resources, a proactive method of managing the internal service delivery and service support processes of your organisation.
That’s why Convergence’s ERP level TEM solution is based on the technology of the world’s most famous provider of TEM technology, Rivermine Software, the result of tens of millions of dollars in development investment. Convergence’s proprietary software enhances and complements Rivermine to address the specific needs of the EMEA market and a geographically dispersed user community. The Convergence TEMPOR and TEMPOR Enterprise portal enable collaboration across geographies, customer teams, telecom suppliers and the Convergence Managed and Professional Services specialists. BillIntelligence normalises, translates and enriches incomplete billing data and TEMExpert Business Intelligence provides dynamic web analytics down to the call detail record level. This technology today brings TEM within reach of any size organization, with any telecom provider, in any language, anywhere.

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