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Convergence Alliances

  • Global Partners

    Global Partners

    If you share our belief in the power of collaboration and have what it takes to join our global alliances program as Global Partner, contact us for more information. Read more...

  • TEMTAS Partners

    TEMTAS Partners

    Service program that allows US MNC’s and MNC’s with HQs on other continents to integrate EMEA TEM requirements in their domestic initiated TEM projects. Read more...

  • Technology Partners

    Technology Partners

    Offerings from partners are enterprise grade and fuel Convergence’s Partner software such as Rivermine Software and are deployed in the mutual existing and prospective client bases. Read more...

Global PartnersGlobal companies rely on Global TEM Partners

TEM projects among the Global 2000 happen across borders and geographies.
With Convergence’s TEM solutions enabling Global Management of Telecom Expenses and Business Processes, the rollout, facilitation and ongoing support of a TEM initiative at Global organizations derives added value from the Convergence Global Partner Alliance Program. Global Partners provide handholding and local and on-site support to help Global Companies get the most out of their TEM initiative. 
Convergence Global Partners are organizations able to execute Global Telecom Expense Management projects with Convergence’s specialised support, using Convergence’s Technology and/or Managed Services.
lobal Partners also provide the services in projects managed by Convergence where local presence in non-EMEA geographies adds value.
Global and Multinational companies hence have the choice of outsourcing TEM projects entirely to a Convergence Global Partner or get the peace of mind to know Convergence relies on trusted Global Partners to execute non-EMEA TEM projects.

To achieve customer success, you need a successful team. In such a team every participant shares the will and ability to jointly get the most out of a customer’s TEM initiative.
As a “Flat World” company, Convergence assembles teams with the very best fit to the customer’s requirements. That is why we formally align with the biggest names in the global telecom demand and supply chain. Global Partners align with Convergence to bring innovative technologies and services to their Global customers, in a standalone TEM focused project or as part of a broader assignment. Global Partners are Marketing Partners with the specific quality of having Global reach, i.e. able to deploy resources quickly across geographies and countries to support dispersed sites global companies have around the globe.
Together with Global Partners Convergence can offer the shared customers easy access to readily-available and knowledgeable resources and access and support to Convergence’s best of breed TEM solutions and services that facilitate real customer results in any country that they operate in.
Global Partnerships are reciprocal in nature. Convergence may call upon Global Partners to provide services in projects managed by Convergence where local presence in non-EMEA geographies adds value or where an existing relationship with a Global Partner and the customer may accelerate the project and time-to-result for the customer.
Or Global Partners call upon Convergence to provide them with the technologies and Managed Services to facilitate execution of Global Telecom Expense Management projects without having to worry on the backend - initial and ongoing application support - processing requirements. They bring the intelligence, local experience, drive and local presence to make TEM projects happen faster and further, focussing on deriving results from TEM Technologies and Managed Services through audit, optimization and active telecom management.

With Convergence and the Global Partner flexing their unique core strengths, the shared customer will see the winning results from his TEM investment quicker on a global scale. Convergence and its Global Partners collaborate on each customer’s most pressing issues and priorities, without the customer having to worry about geographic support. Real results that make a sustainable difference can be derived from a geographical sequential or synchronous approach, with local resources available as needed.
If you share our belief in the power of collaboration and have what it takes to join our global alliances program as Global Partner.
Contact us for more information about the Convergence Alliance Partner Program.

Please click here to complete the Alliance Partner Inquiry form. 

Other Convergence Partner Programs

Marketing Partner Program

If you are a telecom operator or service provider, or a system integrator or telecom reseller or TEM services provider, we invite you to consider our Convergence Marketing Partner Program. For more information on our Marketing Partner Program, click here.

EMEA TEM Partner Opportunities

If you are a telecom professional with senior business development skills, telecom management consulting experience or telecom technical consulting experience and want the become part of Convergence’s fast growing “Flat World” network organization, we invite you to consider our Convergence TEM Partner Program. For more information on our TEM Partner Program, click here.

Growth through Partnership

Convergence grows the EMEA Telecom Expense Management market through a multidimensional partnering strategy.

We apply the 21st century Flat World concept to growing a new type of company, able to tackle the complex challenges to support a EMEA and Global customer base.
To Business Partners we offer a technology platform based on the world’s most famous TEM software, deep international TEM know how and support from experienced TEM practitioners and a portal delivered collaborative environment.
EMEA partnering opportunities are available in most European countries and allow business development specialists with senior enterprise solution sales experience and enterprise telecom experts to join the TEM bandwagon.
These Business Partner opportunities are the new and valid 21st century approach for independently minded specialists wanting to operate in a collaborative networked company environment with a top rated international customer base.
For Systems and Software Integrators, partnering with Convergence brings in the opportunity to add TEM Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services to their portfolio with minimal investment. And adding an offering that frees up budget for investments proves to be of extreme importance for outsourcing integrators’ customers.
Thanks to the scalability of our software, Telecom Resellers now can add a Convergence operated and custom branded Telecom Expense Management solution offering to their MidMarket customer base and transition the relationship with their customers from being a supplier to becoming a strategic partner.
Convergence's partnership relationships encompass "Referral Partners", "Business Associates", "Business Process Outsourcers", "VAR's" and "Technology Partners" and are available to highly qualified individuals as wel as to ICT companies and Consultancies with the personnel resources to deliver on the TEM market opportunities in their respective markets.

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