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TEM for Nonprofit

TEM for National NonprofitNational Non-Profit organizations can benefit from Convergence’s know-how

Hospitals, non-governmental organizations, schools and universities, federations and associations, they all have their own culture and characteristics. The Convergence professionals know that the specific identity of non-profit organizations are not only determined by their legal status, but their reason for existence lies in the strategic thrust of their employees, who with a social and human vocation, seek to serve the common interest.

National non-profit organizations operate within a framework that both receive more attention and recognition, but also are facing the many challenges that come with the commercial environment.

Financial transparency, controlling the cost structures, working with tight budgets and limited resources, recognizing the watchful eye of all concerned in an ever more complex world are all challenges for the sector.

Telecommunications are mission critical for non-profit organizations and mobile and data communications are becoming even more necessary, but come at a cost.

The specialized knowledge and supporting technology to avoid, contain or reduce unnecessary telecom costs, whether related to telecom investments or recurring monthly costs is readily available from Convergence.

Our specialists think ahead, our consultants are continuously informed and keep up with the new challenges resulting from the constantly evolving telecom environment and its financial implications. Convergence presents TEM solutions to assist you in the optimization of your telecom related expenses, provides technology and know-how to support the necessary control of your internal telecom related processes, and you can rely on Convergence whenever the design of a new strategic vision for your telecom environment is on the agenda.

TEM in a Nutshell

Convergence TEM services in a nutshell
TEM or Telecom Expense Management is now on the agenda of many Finance, IT and Purchasing departments. They want to reduce telecom costs through telecom audit, improved telecom bill management,  better telecom contract management, telecom inventory management, timely telecom reports, tariff and usage optimization. Convergence is a telecom consulting organization offering both Managed Service and Business Process Outsourcing services, focusing on telecom expense and inventory management. Our full communications management lifecycle portfolio of services for telecom cost management includes telecom strategic sourcing services through telecom cost analysis, telecom contract negotiation, telecom RFx Development  and RFx Evaluation, telecom auction and telecom contract procurement services. Telecom optimization services to reduce telecom expenses include telecom invoice audit, tariff optimization, telecom network optimization, inventory optimization and technology upgrade assessments allowing for telecom cost reduction. Managed services reduce telecom cost through technology fueled management, allowing for ongoing telecom bill audit, telecom call accounting, telecom reporting, telecom invoice control and automated telecommunications audit. Business Process Outsourcing services provide you with TEM technology and telecom consultant  expert service for outsourced telecom cost control and telecom spend management logistics services, leading to  telecom expense reduction as well as reduction in operational telecom management costs.

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