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  • Convergence Customers

    Convergence Customers

    Found in any market: healthcare, retail, professional services, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace,  government, military and education. Read more...

  • Success Stories

    Success Stories

    Results our customers achieve with Convergence TEM technology, TEMSolutions Professional Services and TEMCare Managed Services. Read more...

Customer Success StoriesNothing is more telling than the results our customers achieve with TEM

Convergence has served over 150 customers in a mix of software projects, managed services and consulting services assignments. As a consulting company we always treat our customer’s information, including individual results achieved confidential. Most of our customers however are more than happy to testify about our services delivered and results achieved, which typically range from 20% to +40% on full lifecycle TEM assignments.

We provide you underneath with information of projects we executed recently as well as on managed service and software customers.

In an advanced stage of a sales process we typically provide new customers to some direct access to these and other references for reference calls and/or reference visits.

Some customers references include:

1B€ Multinational Publishing Group

  •  Convergence executes ongoing managed services for 10+ entities. 
  • Total spend under management is approximately € 5.000.000
  • 20+ locations
  • 10.000 lines in use
  • Work executed by Convergence focused initially on bill auditing and contract optimization
  • Auditing and contract optimization results: 3-year impact of + € 1.000.000.
  • Managed services results of +€ 300.000 per year in optimization and cost avoidance
  • Customer contact upon request for qualified business relations

30 B€ Global Bank

  • Convergence executed an EMEA-wide Audit, extended to a World-Wide project. 
  • Total spend under management of approximately € 60.000.000
  • 500+ locations in 15 countries under scope
  • Work executed by Convergence focused on bill auditing
  • Results on project world-wide: confidential

20 B€ Global transportation and business services company

  • Convergence executed an EMEA-wide Audit and contract optimization across 30 EMEA countries.
  •   Total spend under management of approximately € 13.000.000
  • 50+ operators at the start of the project
  • Work executed focused on bill auditing and contract optimization.
  • Auditing and contract optimization results: 3-year impact of K€ 2.500.000.
  • Results on mobile audit exceeded 30% in expense reduction
  • Customer contact upon request for qualified business relations

Fortune 500 Middle East based Global Manufacturer

  • Convergence executed an EMEA-wide project which developed into a world-wide project including US and ASIAPAC.
  • Total telecom spend of approximately € 10.000.000
  • 20+ operators at the start of the project
  • Work executed focused on mobile optimization.
  • Contract optimization and vendor consolidation.
  • Results on mobile audit exceeded 30% in expense reduction
  • Customer contact upon request for qualified business relations

 Leading NASDAQ listed US Software Technology Company

  •  Convergence executed an EMEA-wide project in 13 countries to reduce mobile spend.
  •  Total spend audited and optimized: approximately € 500.000
  • 13 operators at the start of the project
  • Contract optimization and vendor consolidation.
  • Results on mobile audit: approximately 30% expense reduction
  • Customer contact upon request for qualified business relations

 3 B€ Belgium based Global Manufacturer

  •  Convergence executed an EMEA-wide project in 6 EMEA countries to reduce overall telecom spend.
  • Total spend under management was approximately € 2.000.000
  • 9 operators at the start of the project
  • Contract optimization and vendor consolidation.
  • Results on audit: approximately 20 % expense reduction
  • Customer contact upon request for qualified business relation

 Convergence provides Telecom Expense Management solutions to any size customer in any industry.

Underneath a listing of more customer references:

TEMSolutions Professional Services customers

  • National car distributor of a leading car brand
  • Global operating port services company
  • Large city administration
  • University based in the north of Belgium
  • International sports equipment and clothing manufacturer and retailer
  • Top 10 EMEA hospital cooperation
  • International manufacturer of textile machines
  • Leading international law firm
  • Global 2000 pharmaceutical company
  • International container line company
  • And many more… 

TEM Technology software customers 

  • National leading bank based in Belgium
  • Global bank with headquarters in the Netherlands
  • Regional division of top 3 Technology Company
  • International bank headquartered in France
  • The largest national retail distributor
  • Global 2000 manufacturer of copy- and printing equipment
  • Leading national energy producer and distributor
  • Reporting solution for large national mobile operator serving 3.000 businesses
  • National government agency with regional operating divisions
  • Global 2000 cleaning services company
  • Leading manufacturer of car tracing and tracking electronics
  • National government of European country
  • And many more… 

TEMCare out-tasked and outsourced Managed Services customers

  • Regional organization of Global 2000 publisher
  • International publishing and printing company
  • Nordics based international group specializing in producing and marketing specialty oil products.
  • Regional branch of Global 2000 consulting organization
  • Global 2000 consulting organization
  • And many more…

To learn more about how Convergence's TEM software technology, TEMSolutions professional services and TEMCare technology-enabled managed services can also reduce your telecom expenses by 20% to over 40% and optimize your telecom management processes contact our sales department.

Convergence Strategies' Mission

Convergence is a solutions company and expert in Telecom Expense Management delivering hard savings.
Through the combination of the TEM Concept (Process), world class TEM technology (Tools) and TEM specialist (People) experience, Convergence typically achieves 20% to over 40% of expense reductions from full lifecycle TTEM initiatives, most often without changing operators.
Convergence’s TEM solutions address the full telecom service life cycle. Solutions include, but are not limited to: invoice processing, ordering and provisioning management, inventory management, mobile device management, call accounting, auditing, usage reporting, cost centre allocations, spend analysis, process analysis, benchmark studies, requirement analysis, sourcing, contract negotiating, contract compliance, rate plan optimization, technology and architecture optimization and supplier performance measurement.
Convergence’s technology solutions enable organizations to gain visibility into, and control over their fixed voice, mobile voice and data, and data communications telecom spend and are multi-company, multilingual, multi-currency, multi-operator, and multi-country, hence supporting the requirements of international organizations.
Technology solutions are delivered on premise, as a managed service (SaaS) or in a hybrid setup, either directly to Global 2000 companies or through our growing network of independent TEM outsourcing partners.
Our technology combines US sourced TEM software from Rivermine Software, enhanced with Convergence’s localization and proprietary BillIntelligence invoice processing and TEMExpert Business Intelligence software, fulfilling the specific requirements for EMEA and international markets.
Results we enable from the TEMPOR collaborative portal delivered Total Telecom Service Lifecycle Management (TTSLM) software are supported by Convergence’s TEMCare Managed Services and TEMSolutions Professional Services that come with a no-nonsense 500% ROI guarantee, assuring high profitability to our customers for any project we execute.

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