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TEM for Enterprises

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    TEM for Global Companies

    TEM for Global Companies

    Telecom Expense Management allows Global Companies to obtain global insight in and control of their telecom assets and expenses resulting in dramatic cost savings. Read more...

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    TEM for Large National Companies

    TEM for Large National Companies

    Large National companies can benefit from TEM to better manage their national and int'l telecom expenses and the specific challenges that come with multisite management of their telecom inventory. Read more...


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    TEM for MidMarket Companies

    TEM for MidMarket Companies

    With TEM, MidMarket companies will find out that savings on telecom expenses may have a substantial impact on their balance sheet and bring a nice contribution to shareholder value. Read more...

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TEM for Large National CompaniesTEM helps you manage your large, dynamic multi-site telecom inventory and expenses

Telecom expense management is a key way for organizations, concerned with minimizing expenses, to keep down their communications expenses without sacrificing the ability to serve customers. With a TEM solution in place, day-to-day activities can carry on uninterrupted without worry of overpaying for the necessary telecom services.

TEM has the unique ability to analyze and manage communications across many dimensions such as usage by employee, by device, by cost centre, by site among others. The organizational structure is a key dimension and enables employees to be associated with various groups, accounts, and hierarchies.

An employee-centric approach, in addition to the inventory-centric view becomes increasingly important as today’s employees are assigned multiple communications devices and applications, including extensions, mobile phones, and fixed and mobile internet access.

Large National Companies may have less international communications that include high associated costs, but have a specific concern with the management of telecom assets and costs incurred by the headquarters and distributed offices, including home offices.

Management of multi-site organizations, on a national level, requires a flexible TEM solution and well structured expense management processes.

Some of the challenges faced by Large National Companies to manage their telecom expenses include:

  • High volume of national communications require the best available national tariffs
  • Mobile fleet management
  • Data network management and optimization
  • Fixed to mobile convergence
  • Intra-office communications optimization
  • Technology to manage the MACD (move, add, change, disburse) processes to avoid unnecessary services
  • Alignment of the telecom infrastructure and architecture to the specific profile of LNC’s
  • Invoice validation and allocation of costs to the proper cost centre
  • Rebilling for services used by third parties or related to specific projects

 When choosing a telecom expense management solution, Large National Organizations should look for broad features that, together, create a comprehensive, complete system for managing communications expenses.

Convergence’s TEM solution provides in a unified platform for managing fixed voice, mobile and data communication services. This takes into account the fact that businesses need to keep track of mobile phones and services in addition to a traditional or IP-based PBX.

TEM application support of the provisioning of services to handle workflow orders, inventory and invoices supports the high volume of telecom services to be managed by LNC’s.

A further and increasingly important requirement is mobile policy implementation. This allows you to keep track of the usage policies for mobile devices, and ensures compliance.

Regular audit and optimization is another key requirement. Auditing and optimization are two components of telecom expense management that will contribute substantially to reaching the typical goal we set to reduce expenses by 20% to over 40%. While an initial audit realigns your baseline and assures recoveries from bill errors, while optimizing on future expenses, a periodic audit will avoid costs get back off track by the typical 10% per year.

While it may seem attractive from a procurement viewpoint to have only one or a limited number of telecom operators, the reality is that most companies - even when operating on a national level only - end  up with multiple operators. With a telecom expense management initiative in place it becomes easier to manage multiple operators and be selective to get the best services at the best rates, while  keeping track of assets and services purchased from different vendors.

And as telecom services are managed using a solution independent from any operator, you remain in control and can easily make changes in which services are bought from what operator, based on price/performance.

For Large National Companies a robust and sophisticated telecom expense management system saves money and supports business processes in an automated way.

Contact us to learn more about a telecom expense management solution to help improve the bottom line of your company.

TEM in a Nutshell

Convergence TEM Dienstleitungen im Überblick
TEM oder die Verwaltung von Telekommunikationskosten (Telecom Expense Management) ist heutzutage auf der Agenda vieler Finanz, IT –und Beschaffungsabteilungen. Sie möchten ihre Kosten für Telekommunikationen durch dessen Prüfung, verbesserte Verwaltung der Rechnungen, verbesserte Vertragsverwaltung, TK –Bestandsverwaltung, zeitige TK –Berichte, Tarif –und Gebrauchsoptimierung senken. Convergence ist eine Beratungsorganisation für Telekommunikationen und bietet geleitete Dienstleistungen, wie auch die Auslagerung von Geschäftsprozessen, mit dem Fokus auf die Kosten der Telekommunikationen und die Bestandsverwaltung. Unser vollständiges TTSLM –Portfolio an Dienstleistungen für die Verwaltung von Telekommunikationskosten erfasst: strategische Beschaffungsdienste durch die Analyse der Telekommunikationskosten, Vertragsverhandlungen, RFx –Entwicklung, RFx –Auswertung, Versteigerungen und Vermittlung bei Verträgen. TK – Optimierungsdienste zur Senkung der Telekommunikationskosten erfassen die Rechnungsprüfung, Tarifoptimierung, Optimierung der TK –Netzwerke, Bestandsoptimierung und Einschätzung technologischer Nachrüstung, und erlauben somit die Senkung der Telekommunikationskosten. Geleitete Dienstleistungen senken die Telekommunikationskosten durch technologiebetriebene Verwaltung und erlauben laufende Rechnungsprüfung, Anruf –Buchführung, Berichterstattung, Rechnungskontrolle und automatisierte Prüfung der Telekommunikationen. Das Auslagern von Geschäftsprozessen bietet Ihnen die TEM –Technologie und den Service unserer Beratungsexperten für ausgelagerte Kostenkontrolle und die Verwaltung des Telekommunikations –Aufwandes, und führt somit zur Senkung der Telekommunikationskosten, wie auch zur Senkung operativer Kosten der Verwaltung.

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